I’ve been sitting around the house this weekend lamenting, “It’s not fair.”

My anti-biotic regimen ended Friday. Thursday I attempted to go to work and by 2pm was about to pass out at work. I missed our company picnic that I’ve been looking forwards to for about 2 months.

This weekend I think I’ve spent about as many hours asleep as awake. And the waking hours have been filled with dizzy spells, nausea and low energy moments.

As it stands right now, I have to go back to the treating doctor from the hospital because I’m not really improving as much as we’d hoped. My appetite and energy are on a sine wave. It would seem as long as I don’t exert. I am okay. Of course this makes working nearly impossible which is driving me (and likely my team) nuts.

So tomorrow (Monday) I try to coordinate with my doctor from the hospital to see if we need to get me another CT scan to see if the last regimen worked. I figure it’s somewhere between, new drugs, more rest, or re-admittance to the hospital. Obviously the latter is not my preferred choice.

More as I know more.


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