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The question was put to me: “What time this week would you like help packing”

My intent this week is to have the truck loaded by Saturday night when I go to sleep.

As a result… I can use extra hands for pakcing, cleaning, trashing, boxing… 24/7 from now until I close the truck.

That’s right. Anyone wants to come by, there’s work I can put them to. I’ll feed you and give you lots of drinks. But We need the hands. More as the week goes on. All hands on deck from Friday evening until we shut the truck on Saturday.

Please consider dropping by… As this will be likely the last time you see us for a while, possibly ever in some cases.

We’d love to see you (and have you work for us 😉 )

Email, call, comment, or anything. Drop by 🙂


Crazy? Naaaaah!

I have put up our public calendar on GCal at http://is.gd/lXTs (Gods, I love is.gd! The full link realllly SUCKS!)

We have solid move dates. We are packing a 26ish foot truck with everything except the piano over the weekend of the 27th-29th. Hopefully we’re done late Saturday, Early Sunday. As we must to be doing a huge clean as well.

We pull out Monday and then unpack in St. Louis (at an address we don’t even have yet!) the following weekend April 3rd thru 5th. (Yeah.. happy b’day me :-/ )

Please look at our schedule. It’ll give you an idea when to drop by to help box, take stuff away (We gots furniture) and of course.. moving day where we need as many folks as we can muster. (We’ll be getting rid of a 1/2 tonne of alcohol and food that day and wall to wall snacks.)

For those of you that we barely know on the StL side… We need to muster help too. We’ll be unloading everything and will have the remaining 1/2 tonne of alcohol and pizza and other stuph. Any help and suggestions are welcomed. What better way to meet new people than to see them at their worst while you unload their stuff!?!?

Forthcoming will be a web page with the stuff we are getting rid of that people can come and claim. Often for the price of you getting it out of the house.

More coming. Now an hour behind on everything.


(Both an expression of chaos and a random call out for no reason to one of the people in the universe I hold very dear in my heart)

Off for a box run

Posted on LiveJournal FIRST!

Talk about a whirlwind. I am to start work the first Monday in April in St. Louis. So I have quite the adventure ahead.

This week I have 4 separate professional movers coming in to give me (Obscene) estimates. In the mean time I am pricing u-drag-it rentals to see how much we could conceivably do on our own. (Note: If anyone would like to talk to us to spend a week driving a 26′ truck cross country for room, board, expenses, and a flight home… drop me a line)

By the end of the week, I intend to have our move dates set.

Many have already asked the wonderful question: HOW CAN I HELP!?!?

First and foremost… we need boxes. We need to have everything packed within 3 weeks. Several of you have participated in this and as always there will be plenty of libations. When will this be going on? Well, we are currently home all day, all evening. Which means… pick a time.. tell me you wanna drop by… And let’s box and sort. In most cases… you might not even have to give me any warning.

We are also planning to get rid of a lot of stuff along the next 3 weeks. This ranges from craft making supplies, through old computer hardware and books, passing by toddler supplies, up to furniture. And it’s gonna likely be close to if not free.

We’re planning our big giveaway party over the weekend of the 14th/15th. But if you help out before that and want to offer poachers rights, “Oh, you’re getting rid of this?” We’ll probably let it go earlier. All you have to do is drag it’s carcass out of here. (And yes.. again.. some of the furniture is part of the offer)

We needs you peoples… more will be posted on a regular basis.

In the mean time.. I’m gonna go back to reeling from my stomach goo.

I made a voice post earlier. If anyone is willing to try to transcribe it… It’d be massively appreciated. The auto-transcriber… didn’t do too great a job.

I’d do it, but considering the time it’d take and the fact that once I do it, I lock out anyone else from transcribing… it’s best that I call for assistance.

The post was about the fact that my nearly 11 month old has discovered pelvic thrusting… To which one of my dearest (and longest termed) friends IMed the following:

FH: Now, say this with me,
FH: “That is something for by yourself.”

Me: Is that line about me posting about it, or the line I’m supposed to say to Aiden.

FH: The line you’re supposed to say to Aiden
FH: It works with {our daughter}
FH: It slowed her down during the “Hey! That feels good!” phase.

Me: Girls pelvic thrust?

FH: Yep.
FH: It feels good!
FH: Of course they do.

Me: yigh

FH: Why yigh?

Me: The things you just don’t expect.

FH: Fortunately, I got a heads up from another mom.
FH: With the wording.
FH: It has worked perfectly.
FH: Otherwise, {she} would still try to do it in public.

Me: Yeah, but I tell him it’s for on his own time.. and then I find out I can’t get into the bathroom for a week, and his socks start to go missing…

FH: Welcome to parenthood.

Babyhaving status: aiden_freeman sleeps

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