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This is a quick overview of KDrama that I have watched.

I find that I lean towards shows with a supernatural bend. This is not requisite and I have to admit that I’m pleased that in general KDrama writing doesn’t rely on supernatural elements as a crutch for the series.

I’m listing the ones that I have completed in Order that I experienced them:

Nine: Nine Times Time Travel (AW, IMDB, W, DF)

This was my introduction to Korean Drama and I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. I learnt that series do not rush to give you all the rules or what the situation is. “Nine” deals with a reporter with a love interest, a conspiracy, and of course Time Travel. “Nine” takes one of the more unique approaches to time travel. Similar to the film (and now series) “Frequency”, “Nine” brings two different times into sync with each other. Once connected, each proceed linked together. As a result, repercussions may not happen as or when expected. This was also my introduction to the concept of how relationships between men and women exist (at least in the televised world) in Korea. It tends to be a bit more “Male-dominated” than I tend to prefer with quite a bit of literal ‘man handling’


Pinocchio (AWIMDBWDF)

This drama has a fairly innocent mcguffin. The central character can not lie without having a case of the hiccups. She of course pursues a career as a reporter. This series explores the underbelly of media, reporting, sensationalism, and conspiracy for ratings. Pinocchio is a long series (20 episodes) and as a result may feel like a series of shorter stories (6-7 episodes each) The chemistry between the actors is outstanding and this was a great primary dive into the genre.



Sensory Couple

Orange Marmalade

Gumiho: Tale of the Fox Child

Let’s Fight Ghost

Started, But paused, failed, lost interest, etc

Lie to me

Secret Garden

Blade Man

I Hear Your Voice

Oh My Ghostess

Six Flying Dragons

My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox

Age of Youth