This page will focus on the endless supply of projects I am working on. At any given time I may pick one of these up and run with it for several weeks and then drop it for several months.

In some cases the name or description might be a bit overly cryptic. That means I’m probably not ready to give much information on it publicly or at least beyond a very small group.

Project Name Description Status Links Making a blog that I’m happy with. Heavy Project Todo Page
Family genealogy I’ve been researching my family history. I love genealogy and since my wife is a “True, Western European, Blue-Blood, Mix.” My interest is lived out vicariously through her history. Slow
Genealogy Code I’m writing a Genealogy program. I know there are many very good ones out there, but this one serves a personal purpose the others don’t Slowing
Web Analytics Code I’m writing a Web Analytic program. This helps me track data on my server. Raising
CA A non-profit organisation in the early stages. Secure: Early Progress
F My masterpiece. Something entirely new in Social Networking (even after 5 years of thinking about it) Secure: Slow