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User roles thinned

Due to the incoming noise to signal ratio slowly approaching the famed “infinity over zero”, I’ve had to take some counter measures.

Any unrecognised user has been deleted. (My huge apologies if you had registered and I deleted you.)
You have to comment or email me to register an account (for now)
All comments will be moderated.

The latter is a bit of a joke because of the last 10 comments I received… One was legit. The rest were spam.

I don’t post a lot here. but I do like this place and hope to always post more.

I hope people read the blog and will feel inclined to comment.

That’s all for now.

[ff @lordandrei] is going to sleep. (More about that new whizbang thing tomorrow)


This is taken from my IM profile on AIM.. I’d been meaning to write this down.. Here’s an early draft

I don’t actually expect anyone to read this but here are my basic rules for IM. The problem is that the average person who has a personality that messages me out of the blue will either not violate these rules in the first 3 femtoseconds of the conversation and I won’t be motivated to send the link. OR… The person will violate at least 2 in an even shorter amount of time and is probably too damned stupid or illiterate to make it through this paragraph let alone the rest to figure out why I just don’t have time for their waste of space on the internet.

The list so far…