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Hello readers.

Tomorrow is the nominations for the LiveJournal Advisory Board. I ask that you keep an eye on my journal tomorrow and be willing to post to your journals and ask your readers to do the same.

I think I have a very strong background to represent users well on the board and your support is really what is needed.

As always… (relevant) questions are welcomed.

I’m going to keep this one short:

I’m intending to run for the LiveJournal Advisory Board. Nominations open May 5th (Monday)

I’d like your support. If you’d like to support me; here’s what you can do.

1) Post in your journal that I’m going to run and request your readers do the same. (Link back here)

2) Read:
the post about what this actually means
My original statement of intent

3) On May 5th, I will post the link to my nomination; I need at lest 100 different user comments that say, “I support this nomination”

4) Question me, question the process: If you have any questions, concerns, advise, etc… Please feel free to comment here.

I think I am qualfied, motivated, and passionate enough to have a positive effect on LiveJournal and be a fair representative of the different types of users that LJ has.


By the way: If anyone would like to help me with graphics or badges for this endeavor…. I would be very appreciative.

I’ve spent several weeks thinking about this since the initial announcement.

LiveJournal, Inc is in the process of assembling an Advisory Board.

This board will have elected two members from the LiveJournal user membership.

The reasons leading up to this decision were based on my qualifications:

1) I have been an active user of LiveJournal for over 5 years. I established my account in October 2001.
2) I have been researching and developing in the technology area of “Social Networking” for about 20 years.
3) My net based experience actually goes back 30 years.
4) I am for the most part… sane

Interestingly, I don’t consider myself the average user. But I consider myself a typical user.

If you have any questions, suggestions, reservations, etc… please feel free to ask.

Granted, there isn’t a whole lot of details yet on the position or the election process. So… Once more information comes out, I will either elabourate or withdraw. My guess at this point will be that it will confirm what I believe they are looking for.

Okay.. that’s my two cents. Back to work at the office.