Today I am back at the local Apple Store. shimmeringjemmy‘s iBook is back in after being out for service for 3 weeks. She has joined the iBook logic board club.

While waiting there was a guy complaining that he couldn’t mount a hard drive because of Norton products. He tried running the uninstaller but it said there was nothing installed. I can say that while I helped to build the installer, I didn’t write the uninstaller.

That being said, I knew exactly what files were where and how to help him.

I’ve been joking about applying to be a Mac Genius. I actually can’t for a few business reasons, but it was amusing to help the guy with the complete removal of Norton from his hard drive. I wonder if I was in breech of NDA to help someone with what I knew to be a known bug in the software that has not and probably will not ever be fixed.


Granted, once I lept to the rescue, the guy immediately started asking me every Mac diagnostic question he could. Out of professional courtesy, I explained, “Look, I don’t work here. I just used to work on Norton Development and did installer work. If you have other questions, you really need to ask these guys. I do my own consultation, but I really don’t feel right advising you here. You should direct all other questions to these guys.”

He really seemed to want to employ me on the spot. So… Yeah, guess I know my stuff.

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