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I wrote an article for the Blue Horizon newsletter in the spring. The article received some excellent response. So I tweaked it and submitted it to Agape. Agape is the National OTO newsletter.

This quarter, my article is being published.

Agape Vol 7, Iss 4, page 11.


I have sent an Evite ™ out to the general collective of peoples that I know in the Seattle area for our Superbowl Shindig.

I’m announcing it here for two reasons….

  1. I may not have everyone’s email
  2. I may have missed someone
  3. Evites for some reason don’t always get to the people I send them to

Damn those spam blockers

So, if’n you’re interested… and if’n you haven’t seen an evite… Tell me here. And I’ll send and resend until we get an invite through to you 😉



Happy Birthday elqahar

You are missed, brother.

Just go read… Read, read, read!!!

Oh, this is good!

From lady_babalon

A – Accent: An excellent place to start. I’ve done my damndest to make my accent, “Educated American with no localisms.” As I’ve gotten older, more of my New York parents accents have snuck in. I also know that my accent will drift depending on my mood and intent. If I’m punchy and happy around people I’m comfortable with, I may launch into one of many accents I know. When uncomfortable around complete strangers I have a convincing British accent. (That sucks only when tipsy around tiggr93) Finally, is the Russian accent. Okay folks here’s the secret. The russian accent really only comes out when I’m trying to be forward but fighting against my own self confidence. It’s a humourous cover 😉 There… now you know the secrets.
B – Breakfast Item: A bowl of Lucky Charms with Soy milk. They really are magickally delicious
C – Chore you hate: Vacuuming
D – Dad’s Name: Harvey (RIP)
E – Essential everyday item: Glasses
F – Flavour ice cream: *sigh* French Vanilla
G – Gold or Silver?: Platinum
H – Hometown: In my case, it’d have to be home state. I spent 15 years in the state of Eastern Pennsylvania growing up and 15 years in the state of Western Pennsylvania discovering how I really wasn’t a grown up yet. So… Pennsylvania. Among the state I list: Pottstown, Yardley, Beaver Falls, and Various neighborhoods of Pittsburgh.
I – Insomnia: Rarely. But happily I have friends to show me “Fight Club” when it hits.
J – Job Title: Benevolent Despot Most recently, “Software Engineer” in the corporate world. Personally, “Owner, Manager, Prinicipal PM, and Architect”… Though, I’m really tempted to acquire, “Rabbi” 😉
K – Kids: freeman_spawn due 8/30/06
L – Living arrangements: one Andrei, two babes, and one in process: shimmeringjemmy, cute_evil, see K.
M – Mom’s birthplace: Bronx, NY. This should explain a lot.
N – Number of lovers you’ve had: You know, I was just examining this last night. I was surprised that I can count at least 20 on my lj friends list.
O – Overnight hospital stays: 1: Ear thingee, age 5. Really, that’s it.
P – Phobia: Xeno-Ecclesia-Phobia… It’s a story
Q – Queer: Yes… But also Hetero
R – Religious Affiliation: Affiliation? EGC; Philosophy: Thelema; Religion: Andreiism
S – Siblings: By blood: one. That’s all that will be said there. By fraternal Bonds? About 4000
T – Time you wake up: I also discussed this last night. My body is finally codified that it takes me about a week or two to lock in a wake up time. Once it’s there, it really doesn’t drift unless I force it. Currently it is 9:15 am.
U – Unnatural hair colors you’ve had: Yellow
V – Vegetable you refuse to eat: Lima Beans
W – Worst habit: Procrastination
X – X-rays you’ve had: aaagh! Head, mouth, back, stomach, arm, leg, recent CT and MRI
Y – Yummy: Suuuushi
Z – Zodiac sign: Aries, Aries Rising, Sun Saturn conjunct in Aries. Got the idea. Now run in fear 😉