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Book Meme

Taken from a post on the blog: “In Her Web She Still Delights

List 15 books you’ve read that will always stick with you: list the first 15 you can recall in 15 minutes. Don’t take too long to think about it.

In no particular order besides coming up with the list:

  1. Fahrenheit 451
  2. A Wrinkle In Time
  3. Flatland
  4. Planiverse
  5. Stranger In A Strange Land
  6. Cat’s Cradle
  7. Godel Escher Bach
  8. Liber Al vel Legis
  9. The Riverside Shakespeare
  10. Wizard of Earthsea
  11. Octagon
  12. Links
  13. Beneath Apple DOS
  14. Unix in a Nutshell
  15. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Composed on the bus ride to work

It was a kinda crappy January.

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chite posted the movie quotes meme. But she did it over on FaceBook.

No really this will be tying into a tosocnet post RSN.

So.. if you want to get First crack at my movie quotes meme —

Check out:



I don’t mean to sound alarmist… well, okay.. I do mean to sound alarmist.

Today’s post on my blog tosocnet will give all the details of why I’ve started this meme and perhaps why I suggest you consider doing the same.

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If you actively or even inactively read me on LJ please consider leaving a comment with the following:

1) Your name or nickname you want me to remember you by
2) A Contact email
3) Other social networking sites you use. The best way to leave them is one of two ways:
    3a) A link to your profile page on the site
    3b) In URI format: okcupid://lordandrei
(note: I don’t need your LJ profile, obviously)

List as many as you can!
Here are some ideas: LinkedIn, Friendster, Tribe, Facebook, OKCupid, Classmates, Twitter, Orkut (Well, if you’re brazillian I guess), Amazon, Netflix

By the way… you may want to archive your LJ’s just for safety. Sadly in my case that’s over 2600 entries over a little more than 7 years.

To allay panic: I don’t think LJ is going to vanish any time in the near future.

As I will have extra time over the holidays; it’s anonymous guessing game time again.

Three Simple rules:

1. You ANONYMOUSLY post 3 clues about yourself.
2. I get 3 guesses. For the first two guesses you have to give me another ANONYMOUS clue.
3. After 3 guesses you have to tell.

I am bolding anonymous because sometimes people forget and it kind of blows the entire game.

I may post links to my previous games of this because… well, there are people who left clues who dropped off the net and I never did solve them. Note: you don’t have to be on LJ for this one. But you do need to keep an eye on the post. (track this post)

If you managed to defeat me… You have a choice, you can claim a one of a cheap prize that I already have. Or you can try giving me 3 more clues. Beating me then means a real prize.

Okay… come ‘n’ get me. 😉

BTW: Happy holidays