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Happiest of Birthdays


you are muchly loved by a Pookiebutt.

And I will trust you always.

I love my spouse

A quick story explaining yet another reason why I am so happily in love with shimmeringjemmy

For those few that don’t know H has hearing aids. Over the years I’ve developed an international Andrei sign language system. It is not really grounded in any form of formal sign language beyond maybe years of pantomime.

I’ve gotten very good at conveying concepts and topics. For example this morning I successfully conveyed:

“You know, I realize the baby is still asleep, but as soon as you turn on the shower, he’s going to wake up. Don’t worry, I’ll watch him.”

None of this was voiced, only Andrei-signed. And I can assure you, she understood.

Granted, my signing has gotten complex enough that I often go into non-sensical but realistic looking signs. Today, I went into a sign after the above concept. H looked at me, nodded, swung her hips around and did a dance move that could only be described as a sideways froog. I gave her a thumbs up.

She’d countered my non-sensical mime with some of her own… And we’d agreed on our non-communication.

That was awesome. She hugged me and went off to the shower.

She is so muchly with the awesome 🙂