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Sci-Fi has announced that they will pick the show up again for a third season. 🙂

The Short Form–

Looks like I got the creeping crud too.

My department at work has an annual bake auction as a fund raiser.

Employees and their families bake goods which are then auctioned off.

I offered to elocinnuala the chance to have people bid on her creations.

Now, I don’t want to go into details… but let’s do the math.

Software engineers + fund raising + confections.

I got massively ‘outbid’ last year.

I found her this morning at 5am in the kitchen still awake from last night.

She went to town…
We captured the results…

I posted last year at the end of September (with aiden_freeman barely a month old) about how many people had told me that Aiden and I looked alike.

I have to admit.. I didn’t see it that well. Maybe a hint here or there.

Well, in the comparison, I had to mirror and tilt an image of a 25 day old baby and place it against the picture of a child that was roughly 18 months.

It’s a year later. Aiden is on the verge of 14 months. He has hair and eyebrows now. His eyes are now a deep, dark brown. He’s growing into his face.

So let’s take a look at a more recent picture in comparison:

Old pictures are behind this link
New pictures are behind the cut

I have an appointment with a Dentist on Thursday.

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Anyone else hearing the voice of Rocket J. Squirrel, “But that trick never works!”

But again I will take on the voice of Bullwinkle, “This time for sure!”