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The cuteness it burns

This link may or may not work for an unbelievably cute dose of aiden_freeman

Otherwise the image is bow below the cut.
Picture now added

Aiden at 15 months

shimmeringjemmy has put it quite well.

See her post.

Happy 14th month, aiden_freeman

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I posted last year at the end of September (with aiden_freeman barely a month old) about how many people had told me that Aiden and I looked alike.

I have to admit.. I didn’t see it that well. Maybe a hint here or there.

Well, in the comparison, I had to mirror and tilt an image of a 25 day old baby and place it against the picture of a child that was roughly 18 months.

It’s a year later. Aiden is on the verge of 14 months. He has hair and eyebrows now. His eyes are now a deep, dark brown. He’s growing into his face.

So let’s take a look at a more recent picture in comparison:

Old pictures are behind this link
New pictures are behind the cut

Aiden fell onto his butt today. this unto itself wouldn’t be too bad. But he bit his tongue when he landed.

So today I got to deal with my first look at “Aiden Blood”

Needless to say.. not the milestone I was looking forward to ever seeing.


Boy is okay. He got ice cream from shimmeringjemmy and elocinnuala… shook off the pain in minutes.

Daddy will shake off the trauma by 2014