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My breakdown is either

Shin + Lamed + Yod + Tet + Samekh (300 + 30 + 10 + 9 + 60) = 409


Vav + Lamed + Yod + Tet + Samekh (5 + 30 + 10 + 9 + 60) = 114

Now I can’t find 777. Can anyone tell me what 114 and 409 also work out to?
Found it online…

ABHthA: Patriarchs; ABVTh: Fathers; AChTh: One(fem); CON ARTIST: liar; HQDSh: Holy Ones
TDAD: The Dead.

DAMBALLAH: Serpent God in Voudoun religion; DMO: Tear (weeping)

Neither really seem to fit. What I am looking for.

Maybe what I really need is: Yod Heh Yod Tet/Tav Shin (325+ 400/9 = 725/334)

at 334 I have QVL DMMH DQH: A still, small voice. Which is true only insofar as a fact is only true insofar that it contradicts itself.

My evening diversion


I have been online only a little since we got Aiden out of the hospital.

Unfortunately, in the hospital I wasn’t getting any sleep. Aiden was in due to soemthing viral that set off what may be a fairly severe case of asthma. By the time he was ready to check out.. I was getting ready to check in.

Yesterday was the worst of it for me. I went to the doctor and he gave me a WHOLE bucket of drugs. Including Vicodin to make me get some sleep. He also told me expressly not to consider returning to work until Tuesday.

So… Sidhehaven this weekend is a bust. Between my health and Heather’s back (the gory reality exposed in her recent post) there’s no way the two of us can manage Aiden there without clear support.

I’m praying that Bumbershoot isn’t killed for me as well. Hopefully I’m up on my feet by mid weekend. But time and drugs will tell.

In the mean time the second insurance company is also lowballing us on the value of our car.

August is not merely fired… I’m hoping security will rough it up on the way out of the building.

I realize it’s a work day and all… But for about the next hour or so you can find me at:
Yahoo Broadcast

More details forthcoming…

I think we’re turning the corner.

Aiden has won himself one more free night’s stay in Chez Hospital tonight.

While his breathing is no longer constricted and his treatments have moved from once every two hours to once every 4 hours our primary concern remains the oxygenation of his blood while he sleeps.

From my understanding this is the % of red blood cells carrying oxygen in them. Absolutely healthy is 100%. All your red blood cells are showing oxygenization. If this dips down to 95% that’s getting down to the minimum where people start being concerned.

When Aiden has been sleeping the last two nights it has been down as low as 83%. This necessitated Aiden being given Oxygen directly. And let me assure you, putting a nose tube on a two year old is not a walk in the park. You know, it’s not even a barefoot walk on hot coals without Yogic treatment.

Also, with regular 2 hr treatments of albuterol, Aiden was really ramped up.

Well, this afternoon at 12:45 we tried to put him down for a nap. (This has been a nightmare the past 2 days)
Within 10 minutes (and a healthy dosage of the requisite “Sirens”) he was completely out.

Aiden sleeps and we are still seeing 95% on his O2 levels. The basic hospital policy on pediatrics is not to release a child unless they have gone 24 hours without needing to have O2 administered. So… hopefully this is turning the corner and I’m not tempting fate by pointing it out.

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