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Just amazing

After the success of Dr. Horrible’s (Yes, that’s two R’s) application to the E.L.E. it seems that Bad Horse out out a call for other evil applicants.

You can find a wealth of these on YouTube.

One that caught my eye (go fig) was “Mr. Broadway”

Laughed at this quite a bit.

shimmeringjemmy got some good, bad, and hopeful news concerning the medical specialists we’re hoping to speak with. She titled a filtered post, “The Good, bad, and hopeful”

I of course immediately responded to her:

Heather stars in, “The Good, The Bad, and the Hopefull” :
“OohWeeOohWeeOohWeeOooh…. womp womp waaaaah;
OohWeeOohWeeOohWeeOooh…. womp OWWW!”

Which I thought was funny right up until I found out she’s never actually seen the film.

The theme means nothing to her.

I tried to explain that the theme to “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” is the Spaghetti Western direct equivalent to the theme to Doctor Who.

Unfortunately, the youtube quality is epic fail.

ZOMG: Without my pop culture analogies… I’m NOTHING !!!!!!


But before I go… while I’m on the topic for you WHO fans out there. Came across this amazing pair of comparison videos. See all the Doctor Who intros synched together over the years. One for the pre star field intros and one for the post. It’s quite amazing to watch.

Pre Star Field
Hartnell-Tom Baker
Star Field To Present
Tom Baker to present
(including the movie)

From rimrunner

Doctor Who – Blink!!

Kitty style

(Don’t blink!!!)

Muchly thanks to rimrunner for posting the link.