Andrei’s daily twitter log is brought to you via LoudTwitter

  • 08:31 Yndrd is of few words #
  • 08:32 Took the boy out on an errand yesterday. He needed tape and we were out. Took him to corner store to go through the process. Very Mr. Rogers #
  • 08:33 Trying to work up the Sunday morning energy to put on a snuggie correctly. Yes, I am that pitiful this morning. #
  • 09:44 I am sufficiently not awake enough to look at my code and think… ‘colours… pretty.’ “Syntax colouring”: A screensaver for the sleepy. #
  • 14:36 Finally gotten the family down for naps. Quiet time. #
  • 17:57 Guh, somehow I’ve managed to get somewhat moody this afternoon. :-/ #

P.S. Anyone notice the posting time? It’s relevant.