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Classic Maxell Print Ad

The Maxell Wind Blown Guy

When I made Tosocnet, it was to give me a place to talk about a topic I felt I had the ability to talk about at length. This unfortunately ran into the two walls of not wanting to talk about a really great idea in the field that was fueled by EVERYTHING I saw; and further was fueled by wanting to talk about non-field items that just wouldn’t fit.

So I made this blog. And I was freed from those two walls.

Yeah, be careful what you wish for. With absolute power comes absolution. Once a cliché three times a socket wrench.

Basically, I looked at myself and said, “Okay, write something.” I stared back and chuckled much like Goofy™. I have a friend who can basically start talking and run for an hour or more. She can move from topic to topic and you really just sit there like the old Maxell print advertisement (See above picture). She’s wonderful, but you can get lost looking for an on ramp to the conversation. The reason I bring her up is that the one thing that drives her nuts is to look at her and say, “Pick a topic to talk about.” She goes blank.

The Zen story of the Centipede asked how she coordinates her legs so that she doesn’t trip and then next moment she can no longer move.

I find that I write when I have something to write about. I find I don’t write when I motivate myself to write. Lately, life has been too busy (and for a man who’s unemployed, that takes some effort). But honestly it’s been for lack of motivation to write on a topic. I watched the winter Olympics with a heavy focus on skating. I’m not going to write about how the Russian Men’s Silver Medalist needs to learn what being a gracious competitor is. I’m not going to write about the fear that Mao Asada may not be alive in a year if her country goes after her. I’m not going to write about how cool Shaun White is. (Though he really is)

There’s always politics. Yeah… not so much.

See, when I write about a topic; I rip it to shreds. I really don’t have the patience or the energy to actually pick apart what’s going wrong in government. I really don’t have the knowledge or experience either, but that fact doesn’t really stop most people who post on the topic.

So, I feel that if I have topics to write on, I’ll write more often. I’m actually going to be taking the questions I get on Formspring and dumping the answers here instead. I figure… my words… my space… err should I “™” that last bit?

That’s all for now. As a clever 16 yr old twitter user from my neighborhood posted this past week, “Hello ‘2 hrs past my bedtime’ we really need to stop meeting like this.”

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