Part 2 of these unexpected posts is being written in the passenger seat of my car, a Prius (theoretically another gadget), now en-route to have weekly dinner with old friends who just spent two weeks camping in the middle-ages. NO GADGETS!

The environment is perfect for using the iPad for what it can do. This furthers the wonder of the class divide created by the environments of a tool’s usability.

I thought either of these posts might be about why I love gadgets and hoe I got into them and yadda yadda yadda. But that really seems unnecessary because the interest and opportunity is probably obvious if not entire classist unto itself.

This is of course both the advantage and disadvantage to living with and loving an activist because it gives you a more discerning eye upon not what you have or don’t have but why.

I sit here contemplating the book “Snow Crash.” The lower class live in storage areas but still have access to the fun if admittedly inferior pieces of technology. I contemplate a scene from “Devil Wears Prada” where the explanation of how clothes move from designers to Target.

I don’t like the classist system. Granted, I’m also one of those who went from spoiled rich kid, to welfare, to 6 figure salary on my own. Did one effect the other? Maybe.

So… Two empty posts that weren’t really thought out at all as an experiment to make some posts with my iPad.

More with substance soon.

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