I’m just coming out the end of a horrid few months of work crunch on a fabulous project that I still can not talk about. I have my next marching orders but right now my job is to assess and evaluate the time required for the next project.

At the same time my last project is much like a soufflé. At least I think that’s the food that you have to treat very delicately while it cools. With any amount of luck I can talk relatively soon.

With all the work and Aiden turning 4; I have to admit I have had no time and less inclination to post.

This is a shame because I love to chat and I love to comment on things.

Maybe it’s just age. Maybe it’s a realisation that one blog doesn’t change the world. Maybe I’m just moody this evening enough to voice being moody.

So… I’d solicit topics and questions… But this is one of those myriad of blogs who filter out the spam to assure no comments are coming in.

We’ll see how this transpires as the week goes on.


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