Well, it’s been a few months and as we hoped, March is going to be iPad month. And possibly other surprises. So here are my Vegas style picks. I’m going to use my standard % of it happening rather than betting odds. About the closest I come to that is the name.

Not a lot of formatting. But comments welcome.

BookStore Glee: 90% – Yes, they will talk about the success of the new TextBooks.

Multi-Size 30% (iPad mini) – I really don’t see this coming this quarter. Maybe by year end.
BTLE: 100% – It’s in the 4S it’s in everything forthcoming (Not sure yet)
Siri: 90% – It fits into this whole iCloud, TV, miasma expectation (Dictation)
Quad Core, Faster Processor: 95%
Better cameras than iPad 2: 90%
Thicker: 80% – but only by a teeny bit
Heavier: 40% – Potentially only some models.
Home Button: 90%
Retina Screen: 90%

iPad HD Name 60%
iPad 3 Name 40%
Special Chinese ProView F.U. Name: < .01%
I guess you just can’t get much more ProView F.U. than calling it just “iPad

Price point same:75%
Price point lower:40%
Price point higher: 30% (4G LTE not factored)

4G (something) Model: 95%
4G Model separate: 75%
4G Model higher price point: 75%
Missed that the 4G Model would be on top of the 3G model

iPad 2 still sold in 16GB config: 80%
iPad 2 cheaper price point: 80%

new iPad in 16GB: 35%
new iPad in 32GB: 100%
new iPad in 64GB: 100%
new iPad in 128GB: 80%

Battery life up: 80% (Sorta)
Battery life up > 10% : 75%
Battery life up > 15% : 50%
Battery life up > 30% : 40%

Battery life the same despite higher tech which brings it down to the same.

New App(s):80% (iPhoto)
New Version iWork:70%
iOS 5.1.x: 70%
iOS 5.5: 40%
iOS 6.0: 5% – WWDC: Precursor to iPhone 5


Apple TV – 90%
Version 3 of current system: 75%

Name: Apple TV – 60%
Name: Apple TV HD – 80%
Name: iTV – 0%
Name: Apple TV 3 – < 5%
Name: iMediaTV – 40%

Will have 1080: 100%

Will run iOS apps: 10% (WWDC: Precursor to iOS 6.0)
Full Screen TV: < 5%

TV Stations ala cart/apps: 45%
Announced with < 10 stations/apps: 40%
Announced with < 5 stations/apps: 20%

Claiming the existing apps (Netflix, hulu, hbo, etc): 75%

iPad control for Apple TV: 75% (Remote App updated)
New Remote App: 75% (See above)

Will be combined with Time Capsule: 60%


Final line up

iPad 2 : 16GB Lower Price point
iPad HD: 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB matching old price points for wifi
iPad HD 3G: 32GB/64GB/128GB matching old price points for wifi + 3G
iPad HD 4G: 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB about 15-20% higher matching old price points for wifi + 3G

Apple TV HD: 1080p: $99
Apple iMediaTV: 1080p + 2 Tera Storage Time Capsule $299

Remote App for iPad (free) (Update)
iWork Upgrade. Free for previous buyers as update.


Comments and grades:

I’m pleased. I didn’t do too badly here. I put my money on iPad HD as the name and Apple went for the ‘iPad’ means current approach. Which in its own way is a huge F.U. to ProView. Interestingly, there really weren’t any BIG surprises. iPhoto was nice, but they’ve been working up to it. In general I think the biggest surprise for me was an excellent delivery of why the new features are the right amount of evolution and why they have value.

Next up? the new iPad. I ordered one as fast as I could. Should you?

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