I got very sick yesterday at work. My fever peaked at about 101.3. Last night I went to MedExpress in Monroeville and managed to pass out while they were taking my BP. So from there they sent me to a hospital.

At the hospital while trying to draw blood I managed to pass out again and then managed to crash. My temp was at 103.1 (which in my opinion is a radio station, not a human temperature). They moved me to an emergency triage room, drew blood, hydrated me, and gave me an anti-mimetic, morphine, and a whole bunch of other things. At this point my typical 128/72 BP was reading at 84/42.

I was told they were admitting me. Amazingly in 40+ years this is the 2nd time I’ve been admitted to a hospital and even the 1st time shouldn’t count as I was 5 for an outpatient procedure they felt would be better as inpatient due to my age. My BP and temp were worrisome enough, but the blood test showed my white blood cell count was VERY high. They also wanted to run a CT scan. I hadn’t eaten, but they weren’t sure if I might need surgery, so they didn’t permit me to eat or drink.

I got to spend the night in a nice single room in the hospital and around 10am the nurse called a doctor and got permission for me to get food… Starting at lunch. Fortunately Heather showed up and brought my computer and power cables and then ran down to the cafe and got me a banana and a bag of Fritos (The latter of which isn’t sitting as well as I’d hoped)

So… Now I am in the hospital with no real knowledge of release or what the diagnosis is. I’m feeling about 80% as compared to the 10% last night. I’m even trying to do some work to stay on top of things.

I’d welcome visits from friends. I’d ask that you email or IM first. (If you don’t have an email to contact me… ) This is why I’ve been vague on “The hospital.” When you contact me I’ll give the details.

Not doing too badly. Don’t know the details, still.


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