longRoadSo far I’ve had 2 of 3 meetings that I need to have.  I have two colleagues that I initially wanted to discuss the idea. These conversations went well. One of my colleagues is technical and has been asking me when I’d go on my own for quite some time. The other is a business expert to help me understand the needs from a business point of view. It’s very easy to have an idea. It’s very difficult to codify it into something that people other than a few of us believe in.

Meeting two was with what I could define as ‘an angel.’ This is someone I utterly trust with our finances and wanted to outline our plan. It is obvious that we will need financial support if only to get this process started. We don’t need a lot, but more than the average person can handle. So this part is always stressful. I have one other person I need to discuss our finances with. Again. More stress.

This week I am collecting tangible research. This includes

  • Clarification of our vision statement.
  • Initial product timeline
  • Interview research data
  • A serious look into competition
    • (To test our mettle when we see how rocky that is)
    • To see how we can differentiate
  • Further refinement of our initial target audience

All-in-all it’s a daunting process.

My spouse asked me if there was a risk of Depression. I said I wasn’t so much slipping into depression as walking outside after a rainy day trying to carefully avoid puddles of potential depression and then dealing with getting the damp out of my shoe for a few hours when I accidentally trip into a puddle. I know that the road ahead is difficult and going to take some navigating and is going to have some hard pain along the way. Fortunately, her love and support has been the driving thing to keep me out of the puddles. Further she’s been the first one to notice when I’ve gotten a little wet and has been ready with a towel.

Obviously, once I have the first bit of planning done, then we pull the blanket off the drawings and turn to crowd funding to help us get rolling on this. We’re going to need help and faith. I don’t know what kind of a return we can offer. But we will assuredly be tracking every drop of support that we get.

People seem interested, we seem to have an original niche and approach. Now it’s just a question of time and making it happen. Before funds and support runs out.