WS_OutOfNowhereI am a fan of Doctor Who.¬†And I thought I’d start talking about the T-Shirts I’ve collected over the last few years that I really enjoy. This first one, I believe, actually predates the return of the series. The title of this shirt is “It Came Out of Nowhere.” Granted, one could suggest that it should be entitled “It Came Out of Nowhen,” but I suppose that’s just me being geeky and pedantic. Granted, a quick check shows that this shirt only dates back to 2009 so I am in fact bereft of accurate memory.

I like this shirt because it is just so simple and says so much. The design pulls from two fandoms and allows them to literally collide at the point that they cross over. There is no Doctor visible so this isn’t tied to any specific incarnation. It’s just a simple statement about both universes. This is the core of fan-fiction. Basically a double tribute that requires a penny-weight of thought to enjoy.

My only real issue with this shirt is minor. The grey background (similar to the white of the prints) all but loses the smoke coming out of the Delorian. I’m not exactly sure which fandom you’d call on to provide temporal road service, but it is fun to ponder.

I give this shirt 8 out of 10 sonic screwdrivers.