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no_more_coffeeIt would seem that a recent update to my blog managed to bollocks up my captcha settings for comments.

This might explain why the blog was receiving no comments. :-/

Even if you don’t regularly read or comment; please leave a comment here at the blog to see if this is working.

And if you like, now’s a good time to register on the blog. 😀

That is all.

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Is it just me?

Somewhere between March 6 and 11 I stopped receiving any comments by email.

Is anyone receiving comments and does anyone have a link to status on this?


(Returns to actually catching up on comments that he didn’t know he’d received)

..between Livejournal, their code, and the smtp servers of the world has apparently taken a step backwards again. I received no email notifications from LJ.

Thus believing that my last few posts went without comment. This morning I found about 15 comments to my iGod post when I actually looked at my journal page.

This is a bit annoying because the email is the easiest way for me to monitor the incoming comments.

Just my $0.02 while I play with some code.