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So this weekend I head to Boston to see friends, loved ones and hit a con.

So to get myself ready for a flight at Oh-dash-really early in the morning I’ve decided to make a night of it before heading out.

This evening I’ll start with a very quick visit with tzaddi_93 to drop off some stuff with her and maybe some chicken soup for poor jonah777 and lazuli93.

Later, I’m off to ‘The Spot’ in Seattle for some dancing and frivolity. Anyone else gonna be there tonight? Let me know.

Afterwards.. to keep my adrenaline running I’ll be dropping by the Silver Dollar casino to visit a local Sister who deal the Blackjack tables. I probably won’t gamble very much at all.

Morning flight takes me out to Boston and everything going on out there.

A lengthier version of this will be posted in my S&F filter. As always, feel free to comment here if you want on.

So.. who’s going?

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Poker and Fun evening

Got a call from elphie who was in town this weekend. Made plans to meet her this evening. shimmeringjemmy and I went down to the city and wound up meeting and playing muchly poker with her and kerrizor.

Great fun, cool people. I made muchly chips. There will be more poker 🙂

I have learned the ways of Pedugi, Stud, and Omaha… And it was good 😀

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