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And now I’m pinned.


Anim-Gif-medFirst day of vacation and I’m taking some time to play with and update my servers at home.
One thing I’ve always wanted to do was make an animated gif of myself.
Nothing too fancy, didn’t have to be pretty. Just a nice hack-my-way-thru kind of thing.

And this is the result.


Comments welcomed.

Messaged a friend this morning: This was the discourse –

Good morning, Starshine. The Earth says, “How ya doin?”

The Earth, as a rule, doesn’t give a damn how I’m doing.

Oh, no it does. It told me. It has about 14 people in the world that it decided to consciously concern itself with and surprisingly you are one of 3 Americans. One is a paraplegic in Wyoming, the other is an intern with Henson’s Creature shop
I pause for a moment
Um, could you forget what I just said. I don’t think I was supposed to tell you that

I love my friends.


How many people do you know who’d just come out with that, spontaneously?

What, besides me?

My point exactly. Not many of us, so I like the ones there are.

On a regular basis, I check in with my wife, “So, are you bored with me?”

I take it she says No.

So far

I then relayed the conversation to my wife and it continued:

Though why would the Earth tell you about these things if you weren’t one of the people it concerns itself with?

Oh, it doesn’t concern itself with me. It assumes I can do fine on my own. Actually sometimes comes to me for advise. Well, sometimes; normally it gets annoyed with me when I accidentally tip the vessel of knowledge when it comes to its personal interests. But, you know how it goes 😉

You give advice to the Earth. And it hasn’t spontaneously sprouted a volcano in Washington DC?

Temporally. What the hell do you think Mt. Saint Hellen’s was. It was the time equivalent of a shot just over the bow.
Oh, wait, you said DC


We’re working on that
I pause for a moment
Um, could you forget what I just told you. I don’t think I was supposed to say that


Wamu takes a dive: that’s NYSE:WM
Wachovia takes a dive: that’s NYSE:WB

Other NYSE:W* to watch
NYSE:WF Woori Finance (off 20% today)
NYSE:WG Willbros Group (Off 16%)
NYSE:WL Wilmington trust (Off 14%)

But honestly.. following the basic pattern the next victim of collapse would be:
NYSE:VQ Venoco, Inc (Oil and energy company off 8% today to $12)
Though if we simply look at Investment/Banking between VQ abd WB we find:

NYSE:VT Vanguard Total World (Off 7.5%)
NYSE:VV Vanguarg Large Cap (Off 4%)

Have fun 🙂

I think I’ve inadvertently become a fan of Dschinghis Kahn

The group made the rounds on the internet around 2-3 years ago. You may remember “Those scary russian dancing power rangers types” singing about Moscow.

Someone has actually managed to track down the entire performance from the Eurovision Song Contest in 1979 and post it to Youtube.

Two interesting facts… The prominent blonde in the group is named Strobel the bald guy is named Bender. Bender appears about 25 years later in a performance of the song in a live concert with the group, “The Legacy of Dschinghis Kahn” which is basically the equivalent of a sanctioned continuation of the old group with only one or two of the members. (Think: The New Seekers)

The 25 yr link is worth it. They have a Bellagio-esque fire show during the song.

I’d be tempted to get 5 other people together and take this mess to Burning man.