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I want to know how this wiring works between father and son.

Since having “A” I have discovered that I am an absolute pawn to media over small children.

Commercials with them make me contemplate the product. Movies with them make me defensive.

And don’t get me started about Mufasa’s death scene in “Lion King”

Recently, I’ve been watching “The Guild” – this is the program that effectively inspired “Dr. Horrible” to be made.

The basic plot is a series of “Insert your favourite WoW like game” addicts trying to interact with the real world.

The irony is not without merit, but it was really hard for me to enjoy this over time due to a need for suspending not only disbelief but also resigning some core issues that have developed as a parent.

I suppose it just goes too far into the realm of “Look how disfunctional online game addiction can make you.”

To be honest I absolutely resent two of the characters, have no pity for the rest, and can not even laugh at the jokes about children. I don’t know if I can make it through more episodes after numbers 6 and 7.

Don’t get me wrong. I salute them for the work done on this guerilla project. It’s amazing and a great step for independent-made-for-internet entertainment. I’m just personally not entertained.

I used to have a very macabre sense of humour. Verging on warped, twisted, and actually broken in 3 places likely needing a permanent pin.

But each episode just makes me more an more uncomfortable.

What happened to my sense of humour?

Bitacle Debacle

It’s been discovered that bitacle.org has been stealing the entire content of some blogs, repackaging it, crediting it as their own, relicensing it under Creative Commons and offering it on their own site which is filled with adverts. This is a method of banning these idiots.

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I went to the bitacle site to discover that the site refuses to load now. Aparently within 24 hours they have taken so much flack that they’ve either taken the service down or been hit by an uncontrollable wave of Denial of Service attacks.

Personally, I’d have liked to see if my content was on there. I actually have the creative content license on my journal page. My license says that the contents may be used but NOT for commercial purposes.

Translation: If they are using advertising with my content, it is in direct violation of stated copyright. I am pretty sure I can sue for damages. 😀

Jon Stewart explains Washington’s view of the Internet and Internet Gambling

Oh, yes…

Um, another net app?!?

So, Google now has an online spreadsheet. To go along with its online word processor and its online mapping software.

Meanwhile, you can go to your online feed management system to post to your online blog.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am well connected. I have net coming out of my ears. We’re talking Cell phone, WiFi, Gigabit endowed laptop. Ooh, baby.

But guess what. Every now and then, there isn’t a signal. The mountain is too high, the farm to wide, the airport too expensive, or worse… the plane. And then what?

All my files are inaccessible or worse… The application itself is web based.

Until we can assure 24/7 access to the internet (planes, trains and automobiles)… Web based apps are still a nifty curiosity… and little else.

Just my $0.02

Mayhap a bit much:


Roll on the floor, laughing my ass off, bang my head, now bleeding, AAAGH, quick find a bandage