puttingittogetherTo believe that I wasn’t going to experience any emotional gullies would be absolutely fool-hearty.  I know I’m going to have moments of absolutely doubt over the next period of  my life. My amazing spouse thinks that this is the vector in my life where I need to stop pairing myself up with Mega-Corporations and truly embrace what I love. Our largest roadblock to that has finally lifted. A full-time corporation with more than 50 employees would be required to provide medical insurance to my otherwise ‘difficulty-to-insure’ spouse. Assuming I can get logged into healthcare.gov that is no longer an issue.

Of course there is the 0 income question initially.

Hopefully,with good planning, some federal aid, and the ilk; I can keep it together until I have enough to get more funding for what I have. Which is the main crux.

What do I have?

Honestly, a lot of combined talents and neurosis combined with many good ideas and deeper insight that is a huge terrifying ball of risk! Such fun!!!! I have a tonne of software projects that were either explorations into learning a software concept, or a simple idea with little growth potential. I have a lot of fragments that look like they should be assemble-able into something very impressive. And the spark of some ideas that seem like “game-changers”.

To the average person… A lot of well meaning ideas, no substance, and too many dreams. Not a long range investable.

BUT! I see all these things. In the past few years, I’ve learned why these components don’t fit together, how they could fit together, and most importantly the tools to organize them, use them, and most importantly organize me and others.

It’s to take each thing at a time. Know what it is, what it isn’t where it fits and here it doesn’t. See it for its benefits and its distractions. To take time and investment very seriously.

The idea is solid. The slate is clean. The net has been pulled. I have to leap.