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Tired, cranky, bleah

Fighting off feeling under the weather…

So here is some massive cuteness with new pictures of Aiden at play.

Aiden turned 7 month on my birthday. People born on the 3rd rock! 😉

So, since shimmeringjemmy gave the descriptive

…it’s up to me to supply the evidence.

Pictures taken with the built in iSight on the Mac Book Pro… So… quality could be better.

Plus!!!!! New Icon.

Baby is now over 1/2 year. (((((O)))).(((o)))

Latest gallery at:

Many people have told me how much Aiden and I look alike. I suppose it is genetic that you can’t see your own face in a baby. fiannaharpar has told me that she doesn’t see herself in her daughter either.

ON the other hand… almost EVERYONE will tell you that you are on crack and how much you look like your baby.

Some of you know that I am an amateur genealogist. I dug thru the files and found “a picture”

I have to admit.. for comparison sakes.. yes.. I see a resemblance. But some things to note (IMHO)
1) Aiden’s picture is a mirror
2) I am 18 months to 3 yrs old in the picture (no clue for sure)
3) I tend to think that all babies look fairly similar.

So… clicky clicky beyond the cuttie cuttie (Oh that was just obnoxious)

Ultrasound update

As shimmeringjemmy has posted… all is well in baby land. The baby is right where it is supposed to be facing in the right direction.

Much better experience with the ultrasound this time around.

And yes.. there is a picture.

Click through the cut for graphics