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But because I think we’re on the verge of the change we’ve needed for not just 8 years, but maybe going back to the Nixon administration:

Vote tomorrow. Everyone. But I think I side with the majority this time.

I don’t care which side of the aisle you’re on for this one…

No, really honestly. I have my choice of candidate… I admit this.

But above all else, I want each person in this country to have the legally granted right to express the same.

Government has tried very hard to tell us who can and can’t vote. Government has tried very hard to tell us who we should vote for. But the decision is up to each and everyone of us. If you’re a staunch democrat and think that McCain and Palin is the path… you need to vote it no matter what your friends have told you. If your republican family and upbringing are completely at odds because your heart and mind tells you Obama and Biden.. then vote that way.

It’s private, it’s confidential… but it’s your decision.

Don’t let another decision leave this country wondering… If we’re polarised, then so be it. If we are a landslide.. so be it.

But do it. Vote. Tomorrow (if you haven’t already taken advantage of early voting) Don’t be fooled… Don’t be misled. Find where your vote goes, go there, be there, see it through.

I think Hollywood got the message right this time:

Political Humour

This posting is meant as political humour and any offence taken can be filed under /dev/null

Jesus Endorses Barack Obama; GOP calls Foul

With cries of obvious voter fraud and poll manipulation; Republican analyst Tom “Sparky” Eibinhauer pronounced that the endorsement of Barack Obama was a last ditch ploy to garner the liberal and social ‘devout’ group. “As far as the voter rolls noted this guy was marked as ‘dead’ last cycle and this smacks of some of the tricks that ACORN pulled.” McCain campaign aide Linda Comodatina further pointed out that she didn’t even believe that Jesus was in fact a legal American citizen pointing at his documented ‘Middle East’ origins. Despite this latest accusation, however, several members of the Utah Republican contingency assure our offices that Jesus is in fact American.

In Georgia the lambasting of “Jesus the Carpenter” has taken a further ugly turn. Congressional candidate Brent Underminer highlights Jesus’s lack of relevance due to being no more than a community organiser. He further has linked the ‘cult leader’ to activities as a religious separatist, not merely being a member of, but in fact potentially leading an organisation described as “The Supper 13.” Campaign ads from the North Carolina candidate for the 3rd district sewage and treatment plant (a position with a rotating 4 week term) Hank Hankus, suggests that the religious separatism proves that the Christian Lord and Saviour is Godless. Hankus’ campaign staff could not be reached for comment on this.

Entertainer Jon Stewart of Comedy Central’s “Daily Show” is now scheduled to interview the Christian Messiah on Monday’s “Night before the Election” special. Says Stewart, “I have no idea what to ask him? I mean as a Jew the only level I can relate on is to ask how it was to give up being Kosher.” Stewart’s associate Steven Colbert followed up with, “Oh Come now Jon. Don’t be a pansy.” Comedy central was also unavailable for comment but did respond in a press junket by announcing that it would air a week of new “South Park” episodes satiring the endorsement.

This is a developing story…

Realllly busy at work today…

But wanted to THANK EVERYONE who contributed.

This morning we broke the goal of raising over $1,000 to help the Obama Campaign.

There may be another push next week as we get down to the wire. But I wanted to take a moment to tell everyone who is supporting this, how important it is to me.

The answer to that is, “Very”

Putting positive energy into the next 2 wks here.


(Paraphrased from Avenue Q’s Money Song)

So.. this morning I’d raised $440 in my efforts to raise money for Obama’s presidential race.

Surprisingly, within about an hour I was up to $915.

This is including the amount I’ve offered to fulfil. This means if I can get just 4 people to put forth $25 then we blast through the goal I set several months ago.

Thank you so much to all who’ve donated. Thank you to anyone who has thought about it…

Friday morning will be the day that the Obama Campaign looks at it’s current finances and figures out how to deploy in battleground states. So donations today and tomorrow will help guide that decision.

As always.. any support, even if it’s just getting out the word or talking to friends and families helps …