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I don’t care which side of the aisle you’re on for this one…

No, really honestly. I have my choice of candidate… I admit this.

But above all else, I want each person in this country to have the legally granted right to express the same.

Government has tried very hard to tell us who can and can’t vote. Government has tried very hard to tell us who we should vote for. But the decision is up to each and everyone of us. If you’re a staunch democrat and think that McCain and Palin is the path… you need to vote it no matter what your friends have told you. If your republican family and upbringing are completely at odds because your heart and mind tells you Obama and Biden.. then vote that way.

It’s private, it’s confidential… but it’s your decision.

Don’t let another decision leave this country wondering… If we’re polarised, then so be it. If we are a landslide.. so be it.

But do it. Vote. Tomorrow (if you haven’t already taken advantage of early voting) Don’t be fooled… Don’t be misled. Find where your vote goes, go there, be there, see it through.

I think Hollywood got the message right this time:

For years, I have been searching for good avatars. Granted, with a receding hairline, and long hair in black, and a white fu-man-chu goatee… Most auto-avatar places… really never hit it.

So, Here’s my challenge… Yes… Challenge.

I’m going to give a prize (actual monetary value up to $50) to the best avatars for me… YOU come up with.

EDIT: Enter as many times as you wish
Entries must be posted as a comment to this post.
Entries must have your LJ handle, or other identifying info (for non lj-ers) in the comment field.
Entries may have backgrounds or be transparent.
Entries may be made with an auto-avatar maker (like http://www.tektek.org/dream/dream.php) or be entirely original
Entries should be “Andrei-like”
Entries may be submitted from resident artists of the Freeple Household but there will be no favouritism.

Submissions will be taken for one month starting today. (Closing 07/17/08)
Two winners will be chosen during the following week. 7/17-24
1) Readers’ Choice (by vote) (May be on Apolo site if many voters are non-lj)
2) Andrei Choice (by me)

Let’s see how people think I look in avatar form. Just curious. 🙂

Okay… Go!

Fine Print:
Void in the state of denial. Prize for winning avatar not to exceed $50 each or $100 total unless otherwise noted. Avatar submissions should be of Andrei and preferable favourable in appearance. All avatar submissions become property of Andrei for use regardless of winning or not. Void where prohibited by taste. Your milage may vary. Submissions by LJ users not currently subscribed to by Andrei (aka not on his ‘friends list’) as well as anonymous submissions will be screened (hidden after posting)… These will be made visible in due time (< 24 hours) for consideration. Voting for "Readers' Choice" will commence 7/17 at a link made available in a posting to this journal on that date. Wow, I really can't believe anyone is actually reading this. If you're still reading this and email me at my journal email (see my profile) with the word thelema then your readers’ choice vote will count for two votes rather than one. Further if you’ve e-mailed me with the word as mentioned and you win with your submission, your prize will go up 50% in value. Oh, yeah. Commenting about this fine print in this post isn’t actually forbidden, but it will null the bonus offer for you. Feel free to email me about it. Caveat. I will email you back a confirmation if you email me. If you don’t get a confirmation from me within 48 hours, feel free to comment “I mailed you”. I may ask you for an email address if I don’t have one. Yes, I’m being utterly lazy and buying the talent of the people on the net. But hey, isn’t that what free market is for. This is a serious offer. Ooh, let’s get back to the big print…

Everyone get that?

A member of my friends’ list, aspasia93, recommended a site this morning:
Don’t Vote.org

The site’s premise is a test to show you that the average person is uninformed about local politics and that until you have a better understanding of the issues, you should not vote. In the site’s opinion: haphazard guessing does more damage to our electoral system than anything else. They support voting, but only AFTER you have thoroughly educated yourself.

Personally, I’m going to say this site is an absolute waste of your time. I disagree with the message they are giving, the means they are using, and most importantly the hypocrisy of the site.

I’ll give you an overview of how the site works, why I think what they are doing is pointless to their message, and then my impressions about what is actually going on. Here’s the skinny on why I’m saying don’t don’t vote