Such high aspirations had I. Well, to use a tautology worthy of the great Yogi Berra, the only way I’m going to post more is to post more.

I’ve subscribed to a few ‘Blogging motivation’ feeds (Gosh that sounds sad) and am signing up for PostADay2011.

Now, I have a horrible tendency to grab off more than I will pull off. So I am in fact signing up for PostAWeek2011 with the hope and intent of working up to more than one post a week.

I have some post ideas that I’ll put up separately.

As for why I don’t seem to be posting; I think that comes down the fact that once again… grabbing more than I can pull off. I don’t like a half-assed, half-writen post. But I’m too eager to get something out there.

So.. I have to state as much as I can and then put in millions of links (which seem both relevant and humourous to me), hope that people will click the links and see the humour where appropriate. And of course then push it out without the proofreading guidance of my amazing spouse.

I have my over-linked and over-winded post. It is in need of grammar repair. It is in need of an audience which is unlikely to comment. Ah the fun if it all.

So.. as always I put out what comes to mind and see what happens next..