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Today is the day that my dental work, occurs. Last night I was prepped by sleeping with Prince Valium and this morning I have taken a Halcion. I will be in procedure for roughly 5 hours.  The initial effects of he drug are only beginning to knock on the outside or to my brain. Just a vague lack of anxiety and a mild case of tired,

I hope to post more if I can… We’ll see how things go. This has been a long time coming,

imageApologies to my Armchair Director readers for this delay and topic switch.

On the way to my first appt. Just took my first Halcion. I’m told this should be a fun trip. The Valium from last night is wearing off. I’ve been told to fast so I’m psychologically very hungry.

The appointment is dental work. Today is simply impressions to decide if I’m going to require a dental implant or worse a denture. Normally impressions are a simple process but due to a horribly overactive gag reflex they have to knock me out.

Theoretically the Halcion will seriously impair me. I’ve never done “oral sedation” to this degree before. I was given Valium a decade or so back for LASIK.

20 minutes in, I’m not really feeling the Halcion at all. I’ll keep people posted. I’m curious to try to observe the effects. If it doesn’t take me down too hard, I hope to have my next Armchair Director post up before tonight’s episode.

More later!

Such high aspirations had I. Well, to use a tautology worthy of the great Yogi Berra, the only way I’m going to post more is to post more.

I’ve subscribed to a few ‘Blogging motivation’ feeds (Gosh that sounds sad) and am signing up for PostADay2011.

Now, I have a horrible tendency to grab off more than I will pull off. So I am in fact signing up for PostAWeek2011 with the hope and intent of working up to more than one post a week.

I have some post ideas that I’ll put up separately.

As for why I don’t seem to be posting; I think that comes down the fact that once again… grabbing more than I can pull off. I don’t like a half-assed, half-writen post. But I’m too eager to get something out there.

So.. I have to state as much as I can and then put in millions of links (which seem both relevant and humourous to me), hope that people will click the links and see the humour where appropriate. And of course then push it out without the proofreading guidance of my amazing spouse.

I have my over-linked and over-winded post. It is in need of grammar repair. It is in need of an audience which is unlikely to comment. Ah the fun if it all.

So.. as always I put out what comes to mind and see what happens next..

I miss Max.

While it seems that I have little to show for it. I spent the entire week working on this blog. I’m really trying to detach myself from LiveJournal once and for all. Admittedly, on LiveJournal you have an easily wired audience. I will probably end up cross-posting summaries and links back here. But I think that my time with Frank the Goat is finally winding to a close.

Sadly,  even when I think that I can muster the emotional drama of a 14 year-old-girl (Will no ill-respect to my 1t cousin that I’m just beginning to get to know) I just don’t feel like posting it. Im not hungry for the responses from the 300-400 people who I don’t really follow anymore. I’m more interested in going back to the heart.

For me, I want to post what’s inside me. And if people choose to read it. They do. If they don’t… Amazingly, they don’t. Trust me, I’ve got metrics proving the latter. People are not reading my writings in droves. (I’ve always wanted to use that one.)

So, this is what I have to show for one week. An off-handed meta-post?

Well, no. I have spent the last week using the LiveJournal importer from my WordPress install. This is (IN THEORY) a nifty tool that brings down your posts, your comments received and puts them into your stand alone blog. I point out “in Theory” because it took me the better part of a week to figure out how to use it without throttling my server, spamming the internet, and finding the bugs in the code. (Which mind you… I haven’t found.)

Most of this week has involved me deciphering Object-Oriented PHP code. A talent that would have come in handy perhaps BEFORE my interview with the company that might have used me as an OOPHP dev. I basically found where the problem was over a few days. This involved me learning more about the language, figuring out how you debug ‘live PHP’, and shoving in a {en:Kluge} fix to get the thing to finally pass through. (If I get really bored and find myself to have time, I will talk in detail about the technical hoo-hah that I went through.)

So, here we are, a week later and only one new post of which you my faithful reader are….um… is…um….reading. However, on top of that, my recent post on being a caregiver for someone in chronic pain picked up two more comments. I also added 2915 old posts and some 12,480 comments from LiveJournal. Now admittedly, about 450 are currently pending approval because they were left as screened. Some had private info, some were screened due to the nature of the post. And so on.

One of the other problems was that I’d spent the last year pushing my aggregated daily twitters into a lone post on LJ. Those 230 posts need to be given their own post-category. The reason for that is to get them off the main page when on comes to the blog. (I’ve at least gotten the most recent 20 or so to vanish.)

Then there’s all the remaining stuff to do. I want to have my twitters auto post to this blog. I want to have summaries post to LJ with a link back here for commenting.

All this amazing work without a whole lot of content to wrap the work around. Wow, I could make an entire post on that theme. (rolls eyes)

But for now, it’s time for me to attempt to get sleep before 2 am.. or I suppose 1 am since the clocks are going to freak this weekend. More on what’s on/in my head soon.

Til then. Umm…

Witty Sign Off Line.

In years past I’ve thought of doing this.

Knowing how inadequate my follow-thru is…

I’m going to attempt to make it thru Blogathon this year.

I’ve chosen Planned Parenthood to be the charity I am running for.

(I don’t expect a lot of sponsorship)

The idea of Blogathon is that starting this Saturday (at 6am) I will make a post at least once every 30 minutes for 24 hours.

If I actually make it to Fire of Lunasagh that will be amusing.

If you want to sponsor me in this… go to:

For more information, see the blogathon FAQ

EDIT1: If you wish to sponsor you’ll need to create a Blogathon acct
EDIT2: I have been reminded by family members and friends via IM that I am not 18 anymore and to REALLLY consider if staying up saturday night will kill me 🙂
EDIT3: Because I can’t read… It starts at 6am not 6pm