Yesterday I left a note for housekeeping:

No Coffee Please

They leave about 3 coffee samples and they are in bags with the coffee filters to attach to the water generator in the room.

Neither H nor I drink coffee. I figured, rather than getting something that will just lie around… I’ll leave a note.

Housekeeping saw the word Coffee and thought I wanted MORE. And they left MOOORREEEE. I talked to the front desk who explained that housekeeping didn’t speak English, only Spanish

Well, unfortunately I’m back to the basura scandal of 2002. I will link to that when I find it.

So, round two. Today I left a two sided note. The front said, “Flip page for English” at the top and then (thanks to Google Translate:)

Hola, servicio de limpieza.

Por favor, no sustituir el café

Ya no se bebe café. El café se tiran a la basura

Nosotros preferimos tomar el té. Le invitamos a salir de extra de eso.


Por favor, tome de nuevo el café. No queremos ponerlo en la basura.

I really hope that is translated correctly.

The back of course starts with: “Por favor, a su vez este documento al otro lado del español.”

And then (for those that don’t speak Spanish or at least comprehend google translated Spanish):

Hello, housekeeping.

Please don't replace the coffee

We do not drink coffee. We will throw it in the trash.

We prefer tea. You are welcome to leave extra of that.

Thank you.

Please take back this coffee. We don't want to put it in the trash.

I’ll report on my successes/failures tomorrow.