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uploadingThe first image upload API is now finished. This API will now take images in any format and save it tied to a relevant record in a web neutral format to the archive. This work took more effort than I expected, but it’s making things move very well. I’ve also fixed several links so that development and production environments work exactly the same. The client is now pulling entirely from the new APIs and works when used over the VPN. For some useless statistics I now have over 100 active source files with about 110 lines of code on average per source. This seems very short but the reality is that there are several subclasses that are very tiny working off nicely complex but not obfuscated super classes. I am likely missing a tonne of material. There are also several test apps that are folded in there whose entire purpose is to test APIs. Once they are removed the numbers will be a little more realistic. However, the important thing in development is not the size of the work but the results.

On the downside I’ve been fighting a bad back for the past 3 days. I will likely be calling my doctor tomorrow to take a look and see what is going on there. On the upside, however, the only chair I find any comfort and support in is the one in my home office. So, as long as I discipline myself to work… the pain isn’t as bad. (Granted, a good bit of Aleve® helps quite a bit)

Tomorrow’s goals are to call the doctor. Implement the location uploader in the DataUploader utility, And make sure that I blog for the day.


Apparently, WordPress tracks how the blog does in a year. This was a good year for the blog.

The stats are here at this link.

Back in September of 2004, I did a lecture on ceremonial rituals. This involved using the word קבּלה. For those of you on non-unicode systems that is loosely spelled kabalah. (the k could be a c, there may or may not be an h on the end, the number of b’s and l’s may vary more than your car’s mileage, יאדא, יאדא, יאדא)

So in October, I decided to look around LJ and find out… how do people think they spell it?

Going back thru old posts today I found this one and decided to update the information. What is the most popular English spelling for the word? Over the past 2 1/2 yrs… have people learned to spell? Does anyone even care about the topic still?

So… I’ve modified the old post with new information.

Feel free to comment here or there.


Since LJ only affords you 150 interests and I’ve already looked up 24 spellings for caballah… I finally gave up and deleted them all.

I list קבּלה as an interest.

Which I believe as of this posting I’m the only one.

BTW: For those that don’t have hebrew characters in their OS I used the word in Hebrew. (I think my spelling is correct 🙂

And for those really curious:

A sample of spellings and the number using them