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progressThis is going to be short and sweet. But after a few days of being utterly distracted with other things on the blog and endless phone calls today; I got the live data from the server to show up in the app. It formats correctly and even sorts on the fly.

Now we’re cooking!

auto-layoutsWell, here’s the accomplishment of the evening. Been working on the code project and managed to completely grok Objective-C auto layout including the Visual Format Language. And I’ve managed to do this with animations. It was very much a bumpy road; but the end effect is Soooooooooooo much better than the first draft of the UI for the screen.

Now of course, it’s really just pretty UI with dumb data. But, as noted in my previous post…. I’m looking to find someone to help me with less than dumb data. It’s been a very good run of code tonight. I’m going to check it in and show it off to the rest of the ‘team’ this weekend. (Oh, yes. There are people already working on this with me 😉

So short but sweet. But very happy.