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I have caught the con/festival crud.

I don’t have the miserable sick that I had in February… But it’s a coughy, achy, sneezing goo.

Now here’s the problem. For the next 48 hours I need to be at the top of my game.

I basically need to perform at my best.

So I need to ask friends and such to send positive energy of success in my general direction for at least the next 48 hours.

I can’t exactly explain why at the moment. I probably will next week. But for now. It’s just a sort of muster the will and go forwards kind of thing.

I know I’m being vague… but rest assured.. If all works like I hope… I will explain in detail (with luck) within the week.

Thanks for this unpaid service announcement.

P.S. if you know what I’m dealing with, please don’t share until I post.

Edit This time in English.

I have many dear friends that I love and respect. And pretty much from this post forward I realize that my relationship is going to turn blatantly into, “We will have to agree to disagree”.

Basically there are some friends who will disagree with me on what I am doing.

One friend who actually might agree with me faces a different aspect of this amazing thing.

This evening I wrote a letter to my oldest and dearest friend. Someone who I have been a member of a Rocky Horror cast with, someone I have been in the SCA with, someone I have had the strangest of relationships with. I’ve been thru chaos, and punk, and rasta, and pasta, and book clubs, and parenting discussions with her.

Before I wrote this letter to her I would never have believed it possible.

I asked her to consider backing a political candidate that as of tonight I am not only supporting, but trying to do so financially as well.

I’ve written my feelings concerning the candidacy of Barack Obama and my intent to back him on one of his support web pages. That page is:

I ask you at least to read the words that clarify why I do this. It explains how unlikely the idea is and how much I believe in what I’m doing.

So… who knew? Wow


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This is a cross post to a review I made on MacNN the Macintosh news source.


From MacNN article:
Briefly: Online gambling; FCP users group

In brief: macpacificpoker.com is bringing online gambling to Mac and Linux users, offering games such as Texas Holdem, Blackjack, Craps, Slots, and more….

My response to Macnn

I went to Mac Pacific Poker’s site. The mac page auto loaded. Initially I thought this was a good thing.

I went to the registration page. I typed in my information and then got to “Terms and conditions.” Call me crazy but I actually hit the link to try to look at the terms and conditions.

Safari generated a new page which…auto forwarded to the Mac front page. It would seem that all the pages were set to auto forward to a “we don’t serve mac” page. So to simplify, the new Mac entry page was put there.

As a result, the registration screen will not get you to terms, help, or anything else. So I turned to calling tech support. As online Poker players know… most of this is overseas.

After two failed calls (Yes, the calls actually ‘failed’ insofar as they rand and went dead mid-ring) I got a tech-support grunt. He explained to me any combination of answers that included, “We don’t support mac”, “The Mac page takes you to the mac page that doesn’t have all the features” and my personal favourite, “We don’t work on the mac because our pages are made for Normal Computers.”

I was told that I’d be sent a link that would take me to the correct mac page. (I’m assuming he means the same front page that suddenly makes them “Mac Compatible.”) So far I have received no email.

To me making your PC application Mac compatible doesn’t stop when the application compiles for the Mac. There is tech suppor education, legal documents, and support pages.

At this time I would VEHEMENTLY reccommend that you DO NOT invest time or especially MONEY into MacPacificPoker.


Today I am back at the local Apple Store. shimmeringjemmy‘s iBook is back in after being out for service for 3 weeks. She has joined the iBook logic board club.

While waiting there was a guy complaining that he couldn’t mount a hard drive because of Norton products. He tried running the uninstaller but it said there was nothing installed. I can say that while I helped to build the installer, I didn’t write the uninstaller.

That being said, I knew exactly what files were where and how to help him.

I’ve been joking about applying to be a Mac Genius. I actually can’t for a few business reasons, but it was amusing to help the guy with the complete removal of Norton from his hard drive. I wonder if I was in breech of NDA to help someone with what I knew to be a known bug in the software that has not and probably will not ever be fixed.


Granted, once I lept to the rescue, the guy immediately started asking me every Mac diagnostic question he could. Out of professional courtesy, I explained, “Look, I don’t work here. I just used to work on Norton Development and did installer work. If you have other questions, you really need to ask these guys. I do my own consultation, but I really don’t feel right advising you here. You should direct all other questions to these guys.”

He really seemed to want to employ me on the spot. So… Yeah, guess I know my stuff.