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So, if it’s not obvious… my relationship with LJ has been (in a word) neglectful.

This isn’t really anything new… it’s been at least 4 years in the making. No really, I did the research. (Cool link)

Which is strange. I like having and giving an opinion. I just haven’t.

Posting has become difficult. Work keeps me very busy. So reading and posting at work is unlikely. This of course is coupled with the fact that there isn’t a whole lot I’m doing right now at work that I can really give details about. The major facts are out there (yes, Microsoft is shipping an all new version of Microsoft Office for Mac in the second half of 2007)

The smaller details? That’s either NDA intellectual property or sufficiently geekish-mac-msft-tech than no one would really appreciate it.

Geeky on the side, I’m playing with Wikis and I really love it.

So.. what about non-work life?

Well, as everyone warned me… I don’t have much of a non-work life.

I have life with a nigh-toddler.

Don’t get me wrong. Boy fills me with love, happiness, yadda*3.

But he does so at what often-times feels like a cost of everything else.

So… why aren’t I Posting more?

Well, the Happy takes up a lot of time and I really don’t want to cut into the Happy to post about it. I don’t even get to post about the Happy when relaxing over Chai. (Yes, that was an inside joke. You can ask me al about it some other time)

And then there’s the non-happy. I don’t post about that either. LJ is a wonderful tool. I still to this day adore it, but it’s gained such a horrible reputation for being the dumping ground of teen-young adult angst and drama.

So, posting only the annoyances doesn’t seem right either.

Side note: I often consider how individual people interact with me. I basically contemplate what I say to specific people to make sure, I’m not always behaving one specific way for one person.

So, yes… There’s been happy. There’s been not-so-happy. There’s been life as a new parent. There’s been the pursuit of feeling like me and feeling that me is supposed to be around. There’s been feelings of complete disconnect.

There’s been me.

I keep IM open as much as I can. It’s pretty much my cell phone. (The latter of which I can now report is once again working) But I don’t have time to engage people socially. I can interact… but I just don’t have the time (and on some level the motivation) to try to create a conversation online. I’m more than willing to participate in them… but sadly, I am primarily messaged by spammers.

Happily, the people close to me in my life have kept me far saner over the last few weeks than they know. And I am thrilled for each of them. I am pretty sure they each know who they are. They have also IM’ed me from time to time.

I’d like to post more. I’d like to make some grand statement that I’m going to start posting more. But this is also part of what is in my life at the moment. Great intention and absolutely horrific follow-thru. Right now, don’t let Andrei agree to anything. I suppose it’s just safer that way.

Here’s hoping July improves a notch.

Written last evening about 4:30 pm.

Just a link

That is all.

Oh… um.. enjoy 😉

From a post by intralimina:

A japanese site (done in flash) that provides a microscope into your browser explaining exactly how the cursor really works. Make sure you drag thru and around the microscope circle, clicking and double clicking to see how the technology of your browser really works.

I’ve never been one for the Commercialization of holidays.

“Hallmark Holidays” kinda twig me. The concept that President’s Day is specifically a day to get great deals on used cars, kinda makes me sick….

That being said… I suppose I should acknowledge that this day becomes different for me. My father having passed a few years back now, the family responsibility to become mildly curmudgeonly today becomes mine.

So, I should continue the tradition by sharing a moment from one of my father’s favourite films.

Below the cut is a piece of footage that made him very happy. I’d make a comment that it is Not safe for work… But it is… It’s just not really safe for anything else. It’s just disturbing. 🙂

So to all the other dads out there (shudder in self realization), and the ones that are soon to be (waves to H.S.) This one’s for all of you. But specifically it’s for my dad. It made him happy. He was a strange man.

It's father's day