CBS Sportsline has a fantastic article about the upcoming game:
Patriots (12-0) vs. Steelers (9-3)

Hidden near the bottom of the page is an interesting poll:

Who will win the game:
Patriots by a blowout
Patriots by a close game
Steelers by a close game
Steelers by a blowout

What’s interesting is not that nearly 17,000 people have voted on this.
Basically the votes are 52-48% in favour of a Patriots win. Only 6% think the Steelers win by blowout.

Where it gets interesting is where the majority of football fans place the balance

Patriots Blowout: 24%
Patriots Close: 28%
Steelers Blowout: 6%

70% think it’ll be a close game. And of those, 60% think it’s going to the Steelers.

Personally, I can’t say. Sure.. I’d love to see the Steelers break another Patriot Winning streak. But both teams have been uneven the past few games. Maybe both have been careless in practice against the teams they faced the last two weeks putting in extra time for this week.

And to Willie Parker… At least it won’t be raining tomorrow.

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