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I came up with one of those questions that is “The lesser of two evils”

I realize that this really won’t effect everyone. Some people just don’t mind this at all. So I was curious… ‘if you had to pick….”

This has to do with friends singing songs that are fairly well known socially. Disney, Musical, Gaia Pixie (sic), etc.

So, flip a coin if necessary.. but try to find one. Comments on the poll and your opinions are welcome.

CBS Sportsline has a fantastic article about the upcoming game:
Patriots (12-0) vs. Steelers (9-3)

Hidden near the bottom of the page is an interesting poll:

Who will win the game:
Patriots by a blowout
Patriots by a close game
Steelers by a close game
Steelers by a blowout

What’s interesting is not that nearly 17,000 people have voted on this.
Basically the votes are 52-48% in favour of a Patriots win. Only 6% think the Steelers win by blowout.

Where it gets interesting is where the majority of football fans place the balance

Patriots Blowout: 24%
Patriots Close: 28%
Steelers Blowout: 6%

70% think it’ll be a close game. And of those, 60% think it’s going to the Steelers.

Personally, I can’t say. Sure.. I’d love to see the Steelers break another Patriot Winning streak. But both teams have been uneven the past few games. Maybe both have been careless in practice against the teams they faced the last two weeks putting in extra time for this week.

And to Willie Parker… At least it won’t be raining tomorrow.

This weekend is our big push.

The boxing has been incredibly reduced to friends in Clan Sidhefire (THANK YOU sidhefire for the truck, and also to mlerules and delerium3) as well as some massive help from the ATC (Blessings to darkzelda98011 and moon_goat) as well as L (who’s LJ I do not know).

We are starting at about 9:30ish Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday we are working until about 6ish. Dinnering and off to D’s annual.

Sunday we will have the U-Haul for anything that is left (we’re really hoping that we actually won’t need it… but better safe than sorry.)

Sunday we’re working from 9:30ish… until we’re done. (Which I hope will be 7 ish… as there is a celebration in the box laden house planned.

The original post is at:

And the poll can be found there and here behind the cut

EDIT: Yes, food other nights too.

Also see and discuss the event on Facebook

Some of this is for my record.. but mostly for getting help online.

Monday: Installed Garage Door Opener, Smoke Detectors, Called Uhaul, (Glass fixed)
Tuesday: Try to do work
Wednesday: Big Packing day
Thursday: Big packing day:

Morning: Cherry Picker and Piano Movers extract Piano from 2nd floor.


  • Piano Installed
  • DirecTV Installed
  • Phone/Fiber Internet Installed
  • Install motion sensor light

Saturday: Need bodies, Need Trucks, Need vehicles. Move what we can until 7pm
Hopefully the beds.

Sunday: Will have a uhaul truck. Need bodies! Move what we can until 7pm. Move As much that is left. Furniture not moved Saturday is the utmost importance.

Sunday night, pizza, beer, poker, football… Burly, Manly, moving celebration.

Well food every night… but celebratory food Sunday.

So… Here’s what I need to know:

(If you’re not on LJ, please leave information in comment field including who you are. It will be invisible after you write it until I make it visible)

Additional comments can be added below

Evil Parent tricks

So, babies (I have discovered) learn the music they hear frequently in the car.

I am certain that aiden_freeman will have the lyrics to S.J. Tucker‘s Sirens down before he is 18 months.

So, to be subversive, I’ve decided to play fun music with complex lyrics. In order that he hopefully tries to learn them.

This is my short list so far. I’m looking for suggestions:

“It’s the End of the World as we Know It” – REM
“We Didn’t Start the Fire” – Billy Joel
“The Elements” – Tom Lehrer
“Lobachevsky” – Tom Lehrer
“Modern Major General” – Gilbert and Sullivan

I figure, something from Sondheim… not sure what.