Archive for April 5th, 2008

Would you consider sending my copies of your photos for a montage.

Of course vast apologies to all for a camera not being available for my birthday surprise.

Tonight was the Aries Bash. If you think that once 4 pagans know something … no secret can be kept.


Two months ago an idea was born in our basement.

Led on by ladydrakaina about 7-8 people organized, raised the funds for airfare, and

brought S.J. Tucker and K from Little Rock, Arkansas to the Aries Bash.

We did not know. We were feeding aiden_freeman in the dining room and I was presented with guests who I had no idea were even in my time zone.

SJ and Betsy performed about 90 minutes of music.

So… I wanted before writing my weekend post, just a moment of bragging rights.

So fiannaharpar and shadesong you reallllly need to come out for my parties.

You never know (I know I had no clue) who might show up.