We went on a day trip today. Our plan was to go to Port Townsend by way of the Mulketeo-Clinton Ferry to Whidbey Island. The Keystone Ferry however had a 2 ferry waiting list. So… we optend to just drive up Whidbey.

A few years ago we drove up there and stumbled onto a carnival at a local park that had a playground. The carnival wasn’t there this year. But the park was quite nice. It had some wonderful equiptment for aiden_freeman to climb on. It also had two great slides. (See the new pictures in my Aiden 18-24 month LJ gallery)

One of the nice attractions of the park was a small controlled lake area that fed off the sound. It had a water slide, a swimming area, and plastic paddle boats you could rent for $5/ 1/2 hr. All three of us got life jackets and we rode around the lake.

Aiden was in his glee.

Below is probably one of my favourite photos to date of him. He is so full of happiness, life, and intelligence.

I think we’re doing a quite fine job with him.

Very happy Aiden in Oak Harbour on a boat
Very happy Aiden in Oak Harbour on a boat

Picture taken on a rented paddleboat on a mini lake in Oak Harbour on 080713
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