“And now for something completely different.” Theatre. I love theatre. Correction: I love directing. I love pulling together an artistic whole by bringing out the technique and profession those performers, artisans, and techies can do when pushed.

Since I don’t get to step into a theatre very often. I occasionally satiate this desire by casting. For those who have lived inside a box, casting is finding the right performer for a part.

I think I picked up this from my father who was a HUGE Stephen King fan. About every few years he’d re-read “{en:The_Stand|The Stand}” and then tell me whom he would cast in it. (All of this is a rehash from an early post on LiveJournal)

But to do a casting session for my new blog I have decided to not merely push the envelope but send it into the next dimension. (Fortunately, C.O.D. is a thing of the past)

So this post’s casting session asks:

What if we were making a Live-Action “Teen Titans” film that was inspired by the recent Saturday Morning Cartoon?

Image from the Saturday Morning Cartoon: The Teen Titans

Teen Titans

Pict Actor Role Comments

Actor Role Comments

Thomas Decker

Decker has that steely-eyed look that says that eventually I will control whatever situation I’m in. He’s still got a youthful look about him and can easily play surprise as well as he can disdain.

Collins Pennie

Collins was actually one of the inspirations for this list. I’d done a casting a little while ago with actors from any time period, but I couldn’t find a good Cyborg. Then I saw the recent remake of Fame. Pennie has both strength as well as heart. He also has the most charismatic eyes since Levar Burton. So like Geordi LaForge, we immediately cover one of them.

Kay Panabaker

Well, while I was stealing from Fame, I had to take Panabaker. She was marvelous both in the stage as someone young and awkward and stunning as she found her absolute inner strength. Her innocence couples wonderfully for Starfire.

Ellen Page

Out of makeup these two actresses look very similar. Granted anime girls often become interchangeable. In makeup it works, trust me 😉 And who could not fall in love for the razor sharp delivery as Juno for Page to make Raven so biting, yet adorable.

Jimmy Bennet
Beast Boy This role was one of those, “No clue… No clue… No Clue… No clue” when all of a sudden I thought about Star Trek. I thought about the kid going over the cliff, climbing up, and saying, “Is there a problem officer?” and I KNEW I had my Beast Boy.

In my head they all fit.

So, in a fit of complete fool heartiness, I edited the pictures. I wanted to get a rough look and see how I did. And now you can too. I actually ‘Photoshopped’ well, “Acorned” the photos.

Do they work? How would you cast it?

Addendum : If anyone is good at WordPress/CSS, drop me a line. No clue why my table text is so off kilter above. :-/

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