For those following the case of the over served coffee; today I returned to the room with an all new surprise. NO COFFEE. But Jinkies, Shaggy; there was a clue.

The Maid had left a note. In…. Spanish.

Well, it’s my own damned fault for writing them a note in Spanish. I guess I really couldn’t expect the maid to go to Google Translate to convert her note to English.

Unfortunately, her note is handwritten. And I don’t speak Spanish. So I’m not even sure I’ve gotten the words correctly.

Click for larger. No I'm not sure how it got on its side.

Heather and I think the note says:
Tome el papel para ponerle en la oficina para que no se olviden de que no tienen que ponerle cafe.

Which Google translates as:
Take the paper to put in the office so do not forget that they have to put coffee

Which I then translate as “We took the paper to our Housekeeping office to remind whoever does your room, “NO COFFEE”

So, I’m attaching the note… feel free to help out with our investigation. There’s a Scooby Snack in it if you help us discover it was old man Jenkins.. Or whatever.

I’m just having fun writing letters back and forth to maid service. Matter of fact a response with translation would be really awesome!