singofflogoI just had a quick look at the song choices by the group. Now I haven’t listened to their versions and don’t know how they will perform. This is simply a pre-evaluation based on my knowledge of the originals and my knowledge of the groups as seen so far.

Below are what I consider Good, Safe, and Risky, and Bad choices


  • Vocal Rush – “Gonna Make You Sweat”
  • Home Free – “Life is a Highway”
  • Element – “Raise Your Glass”
  • Filharmonic – “This is How We Do It”


  • SCR – “Do You Love Me”
  • Calle Sol – “Livin’ La Vida Loca”


  • Ten – “Hot in Here”


  • Voice Play – “Play That Funky Music”
  • acoUstiKats – “Hey Ya!”

More after the show! Enjoy the Singing!

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