progressWell, the code moves on. Today I did pretty much ZERO UX. Today it was all about consuming the data, getting it into the data structures and then being able to start consuming where the user is. This comprised about 3 hours of work this evening.

The JSON now lives on an internal server.  My internal network is firewalled, so in the words of the (not exactly im-)mortal Wil Wheaton, “Don’t be a d!©k.” I see my blog logs and know how many script kitties are out there trying to see what they can do; and with enough effort damage could be done; but come on. It’s not worth it. I run a blog. People like reading about stuff. That’s it. No heavy crazy stuff.

Well, with that disclaimer, likely to bait people (unintentionally)… The JSON was moved to the internal server so that the app could call it up. At this point it’s just a JSON file that gets belched out in one large monstrosity; but the REST will come later. (Ooh, bad pun.) Having used my data structures to generate my first two JSON records, it was easy, but busy work to turn it around to consume the JSON into data structures rather than create the JSON from the data structures. (Hurray for serialisation libraries.)

Once that was all tested, then I went on to build in the location management. I have stuff, now I need to know where it is in relation to a location. (And vice-versa). And there is a first hint about what I’m working on!

The location stuff I’d played with in another project (aeons ago) so it just took a little bit of a memory jog to remember how to make it work.

Tomorrow is the data wedding. I pull the lorem ipsum data out and push in the data that’s now loaded into proper data structures. And then I can do my first demo’s to people who have been looking forwards to see progress. I showed it last evening to one supporter with only the lorem ipsum data and they seemed to want to start using it. (My lorem ipsum data was somewhat convincing). So, I take that as a good sign.

We’re (I love the royal we when my engineering team is “Me”) developing initially on the iPhone, then branching to Android and iPad. Win 8.x… not worth it at this point to me. So, people who may be interested in seeing or playing with early alphas and want to offer comments/criticism/suggestions are welcome. For this, I’m likely to keep it to people I know personally unless you convince me through the power of commutative coolness.

Happy with where code is. Happier with where it is going! More soon. (Sing Off is Wednesday)

P.S. For those who want to feel really young (or old). It’s probably been about 17 years since I had a web page that had the icon for this post on it.

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