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And now I’m pinned.


Seen in my pharmacy

I didn’t realize they came in samplers:

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Yes, I admit it. I have a lot of pictures of aiden_freeman. I’m averaging about 700 a year. Every now and then I try to get artistic. Sometimes… art just happens.

A few weekends ago, we took Aiden to Wild Waves park. He’s been eagerly loading himself into the car. On this trip, he got in the car and pressed up against the window for the first time. I was fortunate to have my cell camera ready. I’m actually really happy with how this picture came out.

Main picture behind the cut.

There has been a promotional image from Dollhouse released.

Once again… I think Joss Whedon shares my particular tastes…

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Aiden at 18 months

Aiden at 18 months
Aiden at 18 months
aiden_freeman discovers the glory of a swing.
Picture… too…cute.
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Edit: Picture by stardragan