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image imageThe office has a nice tranquil room to let the drugs take over. At this point I am vaguely relaxed and laid back. The room has a lounge with a nice tribal-like blanket, an air purifier, several mood candles and a machine playing ocean sounds.

For my last procedure while I was here they gave me a crushed Halcion under my young to increase the effectiveness. Just now they gave me 3. I expect to be flying in about 30-45 minutes. Mind you Halcion sublingual is horrid in taste.

Today’s work will involve 5 extractions, 1 re-crowning, and a temporary appliance.

The Whovian in me looks forwards to saying, “New Teeth… That’s weird”

Despite the Valium in my system, I can still feel a small wave of anxiety… But I can also feel myself getting drowsier.

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Today is the day that my dental work, occurs. Last night I was prepped by sleeping with Prince Valium and this morning I have taken a Halcion. I will be in procedure for roughly 5 hours.  The initial effects of he drug are only beginning to knock on the outside or to my brain. Just a vague lack of anxiety and a mild case of tired,

I hope to post more if I can… We’ll see how things go. This has been a long time coming,

imageI do not consider myself one to experiment with narcotics. But I do consider myself open-minded, observant, and philosophical about experiences.

Today I got to discover sedation dentistry and the kind and loving assistance of Triazolam. I went from normal to drunken stumbling fool in a period of an hour. The drug took about 30 minutes to start to have a noticeable effect.

Some log entries:

+37 feeling drowsy. Mind feels a little heavy. Slow unless I try to think and the. It works fine.

+48 more drowsy. When I close my eyes I kind of drift into a trance state. When I open my eyes im at about 80%. Slightly drunk feeling.

+61 navigation issues. Legs tending to wander. Small balance issues. I’m noticeably affected/impaired to friend.

+72 definite navigation issues, tend to meander when walking casually, almost tripping over my feet.tend to fall backa. Few steps when standing. Just end bumped a doorway on entry. At office now.

And then they gave me a second dose.

I have faint Vine like video memories of the procedure. Before the procedure I asked my girlfriend to take me to breakfast after it was done as I was starved. I think I remember bacon. I don’t remember going in, I don’t remember eating, leaving, or getting home for that matter.

I strongly recccomend the early 80’s kitchen science fiction film, “Looker”.

All I all it went well, but honestly the feeling didn’t really wear off until about 9:30 pm.

So, Halcion… Wow. That’s kinda up there. It had me all but staring at air. Such fun.