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I was once invited to a book club. So many books to choose from. I had no idea which ones to read.

Join the Book Club!
As an introductory offer, we’ll send you the following books absolutely free:

Eat, Run, Stay Fit and Die Anyway; How to Seem Intelligent; There’s big money in Staying Put; Piece of Mind by Losing Complete Control for 16 Hours a Day; Your Thighs Control Your Life; How to Fillet a Panda; Rid Your Life of Doubt, Or Should You?; Chances are Your Sister’s Full of Shit; How to Give Yourself a Complete Physical Without Getting Undressed; 64 Good Reasons for Giving Up Hope; Why Jews Point; 100 Dead People Nobody Misses; Backpacking for Shut-Ins; My Dog is a Real Fruit; Your Shoes are Worth Money; Reorganizing Your Pockets; What to Where on the Toilet; One Hundred and Twenty-Four Simple Exercises for the Teeth; The Stains in Your Shorts Can Indicate Your Future; Tips on Getting Laid; Self Mutilation as an Attention Getter; 600 Ways to Give People the Shaft; Tremble Your Way to Fitness; You Give Me 6 Weeks and I’ll Give You Some Disease

And if you join today; we’ll send the following books absolutely free:

Poems for the Insane; A Treasury of Poorly Understood Ideas; Apartment Hunting for Devil Worshipers; A Complete List of All the Things That Are Still Pending

And these Books on Food Are Yours:

The Intervenes Cookbook: The Meaning of Corn; Fill Your Life with Croutons; The Food Coloring Diet; Cooking for the Paralyzed; Cooking with Heat

And if you join today, we’ll send the following books absolutely free:

Controlling Fear Without Getting Frightened; Things No One Can Help; Understanding People You’ll Never Meet; Six Ways to Fuck Up Before Breakfast; Marriage for One; I Suck, You Suck; Let’s Change the Alphabet; Famous Bullshit Stories; Sport Fishing with Power Saws; Why Hawaii and Norway are Not Near Each Other

And if you join today, we’ll send the following books absolutely free:

A List of People Who Mean Well; Don’t Throw Away Your Old Skin; Ten Things We Don’t Know Yet; Caring for the Seated; The Wrong Underwear Can Kill; Trotting Across Zaire; Why it Doesn’t Snow Anymore; The Complete List of Everyone’s Personal Effects; Six Cities No One Has Ever Been To; I Gave Up hope and Died and It Worked; Famous People who were Wiry; The Lives of Six Extremely Short Saints; Anna-Mae Wong’s Tits are Made of Aluminum

And if you join today, we’ll send the following instruction books absolutely free:

How to Do Everything at Once; How to Give People Your Best Regards; How to Spoil Other People’s Fun; How to Kill a Rat with an Oboe; How to Organize a Tupperware Gang Bang; How to Wave Goodbye Without Moving Your Arms; How to Spot Truly Vicious People in Church; How to Get Back from Boston; How to Lease out the Space inside Your Nose; How to get a Tan With a Flashlight; How to Start a Range War; How to Spot a Creep from a Distance; How to Give a King a Really Hard Time; How to Kill Your Nephew; How to Become a Greaseball; and How to Turn Unbearable Pain into Extra Income

So Call Now, Right now. Join the Book Club Today!

With all proper credit to George Carlin

I read a book…

I finished “The DaVinci Code” yesterday.

When it comes to reading, I don’t have a lot of time except on the work commute. Driving makes it hard to read. Granted… unedited versions of books on tape can help.

So, I liked the book. Lots of nifty symbolism that the average much of it (mind, you not all of it) true.

I enjoyed the book, but the writing style became predictable. I began making fun of the way that Brown wrote the book. The plot and characters weren’t predictable. The story writing. That was predictable.

About halfway thru the book, I started narrating the “next few chapters” to shimmeringjemmy. She said I got his style down pat.

The ending felt very rushed. But I will not spoil it.

I will say that I perfectly cast one role. The police chief I had figured out from chapter 2. It was perfect casting in my mind because I found out later, the same actor had been chosen by Ron Howard for the film. I think most of the rest of the film casting sounds wrong. But I’ll have to see it.

So, yes… I read a book.
In the words of Mal Reynolds, “Try not to faint.”