I finished “The DaVinci Code” yesterday.

When it comes to reading, I don’t have a lot of time except on the work commute. Driving makes it hard to read. Granted… unedited versions of books on tape can help.

So, I liked the book. Lots of nifty symbolism that the average much of it (mind, you not all of it) true.

I enjoyed the book, but the writing style became predictable. I began making fun of the way that Brown wrote the book. The plot and characters weren’t predictable. The story writing. That was predictable.

About halfway thru the book, I started narrating the “next few chapters” to shimmeringjemmy. She said I got his style down pat.

The ending felt very rushed. But I will not spoil it.

I will say that I perfectly cast one role. The police chief I had figured out from chapter 2. It was perfect casting in my mind because I found out later, the same actor had been chosen by Ron Howard for the film. I think most of the rest of the film casting sounds wrong. But I’ll have to see it.

So, yes… I read a book.
In the words of Mal Reynolds, “Try not to faint.”

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