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As I will have extra time over the holidays; it’s anonymous guessing game time again.

Three Simple rules:

1. You ANONYMOUSLY post 3 clues about yourself.
2. I get 3 guesses. For the first two guesses you have to give me another ANONYMOUS clue.
3. After 3 guesses you have to tell.

I am bolding anonymous because sometimes people forget and it kind of blows the entire game.

I may post links to my previous games of this because… well, there are people who left clues who dropped off the net and I never did solve them. Note: you don’t have to be on LJ for this one. But you do need to keep an eye on the post. (track this post)

If you managed to defeat me… You have a choice, you can claim a one of a cheap prize that I already have. Or you can try giving me 3 more clues. Beating me then means a real prize.

Okay… come ‘n’ get me. 😉

BTW: Happy holidays

I spend 10 min 37 sec not shooting the puppy.

Don’t Shoot the Puppy!



So, about now shimmeringjemmy is flying between Philly and Maine. At least we were able to get her onto first class red eye travel due to the frequent flier mileage.

In the mean time, I’ve had little ability to sleep tonight.

So, for your amusement, lifted from Fark:

The game is: Eat the pie in 15 bites.

It took me about 4 tries to work it down to 16 bites. and then about 8 more to find the sweet spot and nail a perfect 15.

Leave a comment, how many can you do it in? How many times did you try?